leasing attorney washingtonMcQuellon Law can provide you a leasing attorney to draft a lease or any other contract agreement for both personal and business matters.

Finding a Leasing Attorney

Whether you are a landlord looking to rent out rooms or a business looking for a space to operate your enterprise, you need a qualified leasing attorney to help draft a lease that will fit your needs. To ensure that the proper legal safeguards are written into your leasing contract, make sure to employ leasing attorney Robert McQuellon III. Since 2001, he has provided excellent legal aid for businesses and individuals across Washington, IL. McQuellon Law handles the following types of leases:
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Drafting Contracts

To ensure that the proper legal safeguards are written into your contract, make sure to employ attorney Robert McQuellon III. He will help craft the wording of your contract in a way that matches what you need and protects your interests. At McQuellon Law, we have experience handling the following types of contracts:
  • Real estate contracts
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Business formation
  • Business transactions

Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Washington leasing attorney

If you are looking for an expert real estate lawyer in Washington, IL, choose certified real estate lawyer and licensed appraiser, Robert McQuellon III. Robert has the necessary tools to handle your property issue—whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Here are the following areas in which our real estate lawyer can provide valuable legal aid:
  • Real estate tax assessment appeals
  • Residential & commercial real estate valuations
  • Property appraisals for land, profit, tax, market value and insurance purposes
  • Real estate contracts

Get a Leasing Attorney in Washington, IL Today!

If you need a contract or leasing attorney or if you need legal aid pertaining to real estate, don’t hesitate to contact McQuellon Law. Our team of professionals will give you the expert legal assistance you are looking for. Our expert help can make the difference—whether you’re in Washington, IL, Peoria, Pekin or any other part of Central Illinois! Contact McQuellon Law online today or call 309-271-1471.