Why are real estate tax appeals necessary?

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Real estate tax appeals act as a check on the system. They allow property owners and investors to voice their concerns about overpaying in taxes in order to bring about fairer payment. Because Illinois has the second highest property tax in a nation whose state and local governments collect nearly $450 billion in taxes from businesses each year, real estate tax appeals are vital to investors and owners alike.

Who do real estate tax appeals affect most?

While the injustice of paying an unfair amount in property taxes stings any exploited taxpayer, it drastically impacts those involved with investment and corporate real estate. A disproportional share of the tax burden often falls on the backs of the real estate investors because property taxes are based on the value of tangible asset ownership.

Typically, property tax represents the largest operating expense for most owners and managers of investment and corporate real estate. Real estate investors must file property tax returns, manage value notices and process tax bills. Additionally, the real estate industry has complex property tax laws, cumbersome tax technology, new requirements for better cash flow and accrual forecasting. With the ongoing issues of hiring, training and retraining employees, property tax management has become increasingly complicated and expensive.

The value of real estate tax appeals

Effective property tax strategies can have meaningful impact on the bottom line. When property investors already have to deal with high operating expenses and escalating tax assessments, it becomes vital that they aren’t overpaying on the actual cost of the property.

Here’s how McQuellon Consulting can help:


McQuellon Consulting provides a consulting service that specializes in real estate tax appeals. Our process includes a free preliminary analysis of your property, its characteristics and public records to determine whether or not there is reasonable cause to file a complaint.

If your property has been assessed unfairly, we will proceed by sending a simple, easy-to-read analysis to county officials and by representing you during the local and state appeals process.

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